Hi, I'm

Harshit Pant.

I am a software engineer from the Himalayas.

About Me

I started coding with my friends when I was in 6th grade. Over time I learned various technologies and programming concept and started developing my own applications

I primarily use the following technologies, tools and libraries:

  • Rust
  • SQL & NoSQL
  • TypeScript
  • Serverless
  • React
  • Vue
  • GraphQL
  • CI/CD systems
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Projects I have worked on

  • Built a fullstack server side rendered GraphQL ecommerce store
  • Integrated Braintree Payments APIs
  • Implemented complex filterable search using Algolia
  • Frontend is written in Next.js and backend is written in Node using Prisma for data access
  • My current project. I mainly do issue triaging and internal tooling
  • Handling large projects on Github(over 4.6K stars on V2 and over 17K stars on V1)
  • Worked on internal tooling like error reporting
  • Contributed to two big React JS projects.
  • Integrated headless wordpress using WPGraphQL
  • Used GraphQL on the frontend using react-apollo
  • Implemented passwordless authentication system
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Say Hi 👋

Toss me an email ✉️

Or, you can DM me on Twitter
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